Award Winners

Best Paper Awards

Winner, Best Long Paper 

"The Rescue of the Danish Bits" by Eld Zierau (Paper 208.2

Runner-up, Best Long Paper 

“The Big Migration” by Andrea Goethals and Tricia Patterson (Paper 204.3)

Winner, Best Short Paper 

"PREMIS 3 OWL Ontology" by Charles Blair and seven co-authors (Paper 305.2

Runner-up, Best Short Paper 

Adventures with ePub3 by Michael Day and Maureen Pennock (Paper 402.1)

Best Poster Awards

Winner, Best Poster

"Precise and Persistent Web Archive References" (Poster 10) by Eld Zierau

Winner, Most Popular Poster 

"Significant Significant Properties" (Poster 1) by Pepijn Lucker Cassandra Sijtsma Remco van Veenendaal

iPRES 2018 Awards

The awards will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held on 26 September 2018 beginning at 4:30 PM followed by a reception at the conference venue, The Joseph B. Martin Center

iPRES 2018 will recognise the following outstanding contributions:

Best Paper Awards

Best long paper will be awarded 750 USD

Best short paper will be awarded 250 USD

Paper Awards Procedure: See the procedure details here

Paper Awards Sponsor: Digital Preservation Management Workshops

The Digital Preservation Management Workshops incorporate community standards and exemplars of good practice to provide practical guidance for developing effective and sustainable digital preservation programs. At the center of the DPM’s core curriculum is the organizational maturity model, as elaborated in the five stages and the three-legged stool.  This expanded program is based on the workshop curriculum initially developed and hosted at Cornell University (2003-2006), hosted at ICPSR (2007-2012), and by MIT Libraries since 2012. The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) supported the DPM workshops through four grants awarded since 2002. 

Best Poster Awards

Best poster will be awarded 500 USD

Most popular poster will be awarded 250 USD

Poster awards procedure and Voting: See the procedure details here.  

Poster Award Sponsor: nestor

nestor is a cooperation association including partners from different fields, but all connected in some way with the subject of “digital preservation”. The 19 nestor partner organisations represent libraries, archives, museums, research institutions, and data centers. As a network, nestor brings together a disparate array of institutions affected by digital preservation, experts and active project participants, all committed to the exchange of information, the distribution of tasks, the development of standards and the exploitation of synergy effects. nestor's work is not, however, restricted to Germany-based activities. The partners maintain close links with corresponding initiatives in other countries and are actively involved in European and international initiatives and projects.