Best Paper Award Procedure

Paper Awards Committee members:

Micky Lindlar

Bert Lyons

Jessica Meyerson

Erwin Verbruggen (chair)

Nancy McGovern, DPM Workshop

iPRES 2018 Best Paper Award Procedure

To recognize papers that stand out for their quality, iPRES awards a prize to the author(s) of the Best Short Paper, Best Long Paper and Honorary Mentions to two additional papers in each category. The four top papers are selected by the following procedure.

The Program Co-Chairs:

  • Consider the review scores of accepted papers and specify the cut-off score for including papers into a candidate pool of papers
  • Establish the Best Paper Award Committee to review and nominate the Best Long and Short Papers and two papers in each category for Honorary Mention.
  • Notify candidates before the conference and confirm their attendance at the awards ceremony.

The Papers Award Committee includes 4 members of the iPRES Organizing Team and a representative of the award sponsor, in this case a Co-Chair of the Organizing Team.

The Paper Awards Committee members:

  • Review candidate papers.
  • Assign scores to the papers
    • based on 1-5 point scale
    • using the following subset of the original criteria for paper acceptance:
      • Does the contribution make a significant and original addition to the digital preservation practices or research?
      • Does the work adequately build on or contextualize previous work?
      • Is there sufficient evidence for claims presented by the authors?
      • Are there outcomes that others working in digital preservation can benefit from?
      • Has the work been published/presented in some form before?
  • Rank papers based on the average scores and discuss the rankings to finalize selection of the top 4 papers.
  • Determine the Best Short and Long Papers and two Honorary Mentions, one in each category.
  • Advise the Program Co-Chairs of the final decision.
  • The Program Co-Chairs will announce the respective winners about the Best Long and Short Papers and Honorary Mentions, one for each category, at the Awards Ceremony and then list them on the Conference website after the Awards Ceremony.
  • During the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, the Program Co-Chairs acknowledge the sponsor and announce the winner of the Best Long and Short Papers and Honorary Mentions, one for each category.