iPRES Working Group

The iPres Working Group convened at the iPres 2018 conference as an outcome of several iPres 2018 activities:

  • the iPres 2018 Organizing Team hosted the first iPres Community Open House with an extended discussion that included the existence and status of the iPres Charter that the Steering Group adopted when it started in 2009
  • the iPres 2018 program included the iPres 15th Anniversary Panels including suggestion and observations about iPres looking ahead, including how the iPres community might become more involved
  • after discussing these issues during its annual meeting at the iPres 2018 meeting, the iPres Steering Group approved this working group to review the iPres Charter, seek community feedback, and develop recommendations to be shared with STG and the iPres community

The iPres Working Group will seek feedback from the iPres community in a number of ways:

  • share the current version of the charter for community review and comment
  • develop and share a brief survey to gather additional information 
  • coordinate with interested individuals or groups by email, internet call, or other means to ensure that issues and concerns are heard and included

Working Group members include:

  • Nance McGovern (Co-Chair)
  • Seamus Ross (Co-Chair)
  • Helen Tibbo
  • William Kilbride


The iPres Working Group is looking for two volunteers from the iPres community to join the working group.

If you are interested, please send a message by January 25, 2019 with the following information to iPresInterestGroup@gmail.com:

Full Name:


Country of Residence:

Preferred email address:

Number of iPres conferences attended:

Please provide a brief explanation of why you would like to join iPres Working Group.

Check here if you would like to join the new iPres Interest Group [   ]  

iPRES Interest Group

We are hoping to hear from lots of community members and we can only pick two volunteers to keep the group to a workable size, so everyone who expresses interest will be added to the iPres Interest Group (or you can opt out). We hope the iPres Interest Group will provide another channel for feedback and start an ongoing community discussion about the future pathway for iPres. We will share joining information for the iPres Interest Group when we have established the communications channel(s) for the group.