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15 - 16 September 2005



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The Historical Library Building accomodates the library's special collections of rare and valuable holdings. Reading rooms are provided for the consultation of manuscripts and rare book collections as well as the library's large collection of maps and the Asia-Africa collection. Even while renovation is still going on, it is already possible to get direct access to some 125,000 volumes from the holdings of historic materials (published between 1601 and 1900). An expansion of 100,000 additional volumes is under preperation.
The Pauliner Church is a historical monument of distinguished rank. It was built around 1300 and is Goettingen's first Gothic church. In 1812 a ceiling dividing the lower and upper halves of the ship was added, the upper part being turned into a library hall. This is a location of the library scene in Heine's Harzreise. In the year 2000, after years of extensive renovation, the library re-opened to the public in its original historical appearance.
The Goettingen State and University Library provides its holdings not just locally and through internal inter-library loan and internal document-delivery service, but also as microfilms and digitized versions. The Goettingen Digitization Center (GDZ) takes on digitization projects that demand the highest standards. Internet publishing for students and researchers is supported in a variety of ways.
The Pauliner Church is as part of the Göttingen State and University Library's historic building complex, a historical monument of highest rank. Here you have an aerial view of both buildings. As Göttingen's first church built in the Gothic style, it once belonged to a Dominican monastery founded in 1294 in Göttingen. The building fits the architectural tradition of the mendicant order.
The new library building, inaugurated on 30 April 1993 and called "the built future", was a great success for the architetectural firm of Prof. Eckhard Gerber and Partners in terms of library construction. Seldom have aesthetics and functionality been brought together so well.
The size of the library's main user floor-space is equivalent to three soccer fields. In the open stacks alone some 1,300,000 books are freely available 300 days a year.

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