International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects
15 - 16 September 2005



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Live Video Stream

As a special offer, we will provide a live video stream from the Conference.
It will be accessible via this page as soon as the conference starts. You will need to revisit this page and just click on a link which will be included by then.


In order to watch the video stream, you'll need

  • A decent connection to the Internet (bandwidth of 700kBit and higher)
  • Real Media's RealPlayer software or other software capable of playing Real Media Video. You can download a free version of the RealPlayer Software on Real's Homepage:
    english page
    german page
    (You'll find a link to the free version in the text box on the right)

Please note that although we will try our best, we cannot guarantee the continous availability of the videostream. There is the possibility of technical problems which would lead to errors when trying to open the link to the videostream. Also, the current speaker may have asked us to not transmit the presentation. In this case, you would only receive a blank black picture. Please refer to the programme to check when the talk is scheduled to end and try again then.

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