International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects
15 - 16 September 2005



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nestor, the German national "Network of Expertise in Long-Term Storage of Digital Resources", is pleased to announce the

International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects
15 - 16 September 2005 in Göttingen, Germany

The International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES) is part of a series of international conferences in the field of digital preservation. This series started with the "Chinese-European Workshop on Digital Preservation" in Beijing in July 2004.

The conference aims at enhancing the exchange of experiences and international cooperation in the field of digital preservation. In particular it will focus on three main topics:

  1. Preservation Policies

  2. A preservation policy describes the strategic aims of a nation or institution regarding the preservation of digital objects. It may be a guideline, a strategy or a dedicated policy. Different approaches to createing and formulating a preservation policy will be presented and discussed.

  3. Technical Workflow

  4. A well designed workflow is vital for a digital archive inasmuch it ensures the quality of archival items and promotes operational feasibility. Workflows of different digital archives will be presented and details of the workflows will be discussed.

  5. Web Archiving

  6. The emergence of the World Wide Web has created special challenges for archiving because of the dynamic and ephemeral nature of its content as well as its sheer size. Various approaches in capturing, storing or making its content accessible will be presented and discussed.

In addition to and in support of these focus areas, keynotes will be held by expert speakers including Elisabeth Niggemann (Die Deutsche Bibliothek- DDB) and Steve Abrams (Harvard University Library - HUL).

Other speakers from America, Asia, Australia, and Europe will report on international initiatives and projects.

The conference is designed to be interactive and stimulates discussions among the speakers and international participants. The conference language will be English.
Further information can be found in the programme.

Target Audience
The conference brings together people with knowledge and expertise on long-term preservation of digital objects. The conference will be of interest to all individuals, organisations and institutions involved in the field of digital preservation - from researchers and curators through to policy makers and funders.

iPRES will take place in the Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude (ZHG), room number 103 at the Georg-August University's campus in the historic university town of Göttingen, Germany from 15 - 16 September 2005.

Conference Fee
The conference fee will be 120 € and includes each event of our social programme. Therefore we would like to invite you to a conference dinner on Thursday evening to the Rathskeller at 7:00 pm and a wine-tasting and three different short guided tours on Friday evening at approx. 6:00 pm. We will top the social programme off with a 90-minute guided tour through the historic town of Goettingen on Saturday morning at 11:00 am.

nestor is proud to support the first international conference on preservation of digital objects in Germany.

The conference is organised by the Goettingen State and University Library (SUB) and co-organised by

  • the California Digital Library (CDL)
  • the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • the independent foundation Electronic Information for Libraries (
  • the Austrian National Library (ANL)
  • the Cornell University Library (CUL)

    iPRES is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

    Social Programme
    Participants are welcome to join our social programme with a dinner, wine-tasting and guided tours through the picturesque old town of Göttingen and the historical library, which is part of the Göttingen State and University Library, as well as the Centre of Retrospective Digitization (GDZ) and the Pauliner Church.

    Related Event
    iPRES will be held as a "pre-conference" for the European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL) in Vienna (18 - 23 September 2005).

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