Kyoto has a wide range of accommodation, much of it geared towards foreign visitors. But Kyoto is a major tourist destination, demand is high and prices follow suit. When accommodation is difficult to get, staying in neighboring cities would be a good choice. Trains in this region run fast, frequent and inexpensive.
Most of the lodging in the city is clustered near the central city, especially around Kyoto Station and the downtown area near Karasuma-Oike. The outer areas have a scattering of their own, tending towards inexpensive but often much further from train or subway stations.
Fees of good hotels in down town Kyoto is around 100 USD to 300 USD per night in the conference period. Participants can find cheaper hotels by advanced booking – two or three months before.
Please book your accommodation well in advance to ensure, that you have the widest choice of hotels and accommodation available.

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