For questions concerning registration, and logistics please get in touch with Organizers.

For questions regarding submission and review, the programme and sponsoring please contact the host.

If you are looking for contact details of the Programme Committee Chairs please visit the page Conference organisation.

Organizers Switzerland Ltd.


Project Manager

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Sponsoring & Exhibition

Martina Jakober Tabea Bernert Andreas Lampart

Martina Speiser

Phone +41 (0)61 836 98 76

Tabea Bernert

Phone +41 (0)61 836 98 78

Andreas Lampart

 Phone +41 (0)61 836 98 72


Organizers Switzerland Ltd.
Obere Egg 2
CH-4312 Magden


Swiss National Library

For questions regarding programme and content of the conference or regarding sponsoring, please contact: 

Swiss National Library
Hallwylstrasse 15
CH-3003 Bern

Barbara Signori 

Barbara Signori
Head e-Helvetica

Phone: +41 58 464 03 07