iPRES 2011 Workshops

Workshop 1: Steps Toward International Alignment in Digital Preservation

By Cal Lee, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This workshop will facilitate discussion and advance collective action for digital preservation across national boundaries.

The Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation (ANADP) was held in Tallinn, Estonia on 23-25 May 2011. It allowed individuals from many different national contexts to share information and perspectives toward building strategic international collaborations to support digital preservation. This iPRES 2011 workshop will open up that discussion to people and institutions who were not at that conference, and facilitate focused discussions on how to develop concrete steps for aligning activities across countries.

Who should attend: The workshop is designed for those with direct digital preservation responsibilities; those with strategic and oversight responsibility related to digital preservation; and those engaged in digital preservation education and research.


Workshop 2: Web Analytics

The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IPC) will host a half day, hands-on, technical workshop (bring a laptop if you have one!) to explore web data mining and analysis efforts amongst our members in partnership with extended research communities and commercial sectors in Asia and abroad.

The Internet Archive will present an overview of the challenges in analyzing web archives, both within a single organization and also collaboratively with the global memory institution and research community.

We will describe file formats and tools in use, then walk through a number of examples demonstrating how those tools are used to perform various data-mining and analysis activities. For example, we will build and analyze a web graph from a sample web archive data set.

We will also provide a 9GB sample data set, along with all the software tools(Pig/Hadoop); for the workshop participants to take home and share with colleagues at their institution.

Who should attend: The first hour or so of the workshop is open to everyone and will provide an overview of web data mining and analytics best practice. The latter portions of the workshop are intended to be hands on and are appropriate for engineers and library scientists familiar with simple scripting, data manipulation and mining.