iPRES - International Conference on Digital Preservation
International Conference on Digital Preservation

iPRES is a series of conferences on digital preservation. Since 2004, iPRES conferences have been held on four continents.

Broad scope - The iPRES series embraces a variety of topics in digital preservation - from strategy to implementation, and from international and regional initiatives to small organisations. Within this broad topic area, each conference defines a slightly different focus.

Inclusive dialogue - A key element of iPRES conferences is their inclusiveness. Experts from all parts of the world contribute to the organisation, and the programme aims to embrace new perspectives.

Cooperative goals - Alongside a carefully designed official programme, participants have many opportunities for discussion with international colleagues. The iPRES series aims to foster international interaction and collaboration.

The iPRES series

Each iPRES conference has a different focus and convenes different participants. The local host shapes and organises the event with the assistance of a group of international experts, and in light of experiences from previous iPRES conferences.

The proceedings of all iPRES conferences can be found in the Phaidra Repository.

The iPRES steering group

The iPRES steering group consists of past and future conference hosts. At-large elected members will be added starting in 2024.

  • Courtney Mumma, Texas Digital Library, USA (Boston, iPRES 2018)
  • Nancy McGovern, Global Archivist, USA (Boston, iPRES 2018)
  • Marcel Ras, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (Amsterdam, iPRES 2019)
  • Barbara Sierman, DigitalPreservation.nl, Netherlands (Amsterdam, iPRES 2019)
  • Zhenxin Wu, National Science Library, CAS, China (Beijing, iPRES 2021)
  • Angela Puggioni, Digital Preservation Coalition, Netherlands (Glasgow, iPRES 2022)
  • William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition, Scotland (Glasgow, iPRES 2022)
  • Tracy Seneca, University of Illinois Chicago Library, USA (Illinois, iPRES 2023)
  • Chris Prom, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA (Illinois, iPRES 2023)
  • Dries Moreels, Ghent University Library, Belgium (Ghent, iPRES 2024)
  • Andrea Goethals, National Library of New Zealand, NZ (Wellington, iPRES 2025)
  • Jan Hutař, Archives New Zealand, NZ (Wellington, iPRES 2025)
  • Eld Zierau, Royal Danish Library, Denmark (Copenhagen, iPRES 2026)
  • Stefan Strathmann, Göttingen State and University Library, Germany (iPRES website host organization)
  • Karin Bredenberg, Sydarkivera, Sweden (at-large member)
  • Lisa Griffith, Digital Repository Ireland, Ireland (at-large member)
  • Ruby Martinez, Penn State University, USA (at-large member)
  • Maureen Pennock, The British Library, UK (at-large member)
  • Jaye Weatherburn, University of Melbourne, Australia (at-large member)

For more information on the governance of iPRES, see the Charter of the Steering Committee of the International Conference on Digital Preservation.

The iPRES history
Further Documentation

An invitation of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and eIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) in 2003 provided the initial impetus for the iPRES series. Eight European experts in digital preservation contributed to the first iPRES conference in Beijing, July 2004. After the completion of a successful conference in Beijing, the German Research Council (DFG) called for a follow-up event. The second iPRES conference, held in Göttingen in October 2005, was organised together with the German digital preservation network, nestor and with funding by the DFG and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). After conferences in Asia and Europe, iPRES continued in 2006 at Cornell, in North America.


For comments and suggestions on the iPRES series, please contact the iPRES steering group ipres-info(at)ipres-conference.org.

If you have not already, please consider joining the iPRES-Interest-Group listserv to see updates from the iPRES Steering Group (STG) and members of the community, and to share your own updates and feedback. Here is the link to information about subscribing to the list.

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