Papers Accepted for the iPRES-2013

(tentative program)
  1. Interoperability Objectives and Approaches: Results from the APARSEN NoE - Barbara Bazzanella and Yannis Tzitzikas
  2. A Risk Analysis of File Formats for Preservation Planning - Roman Graf and Sergiu Gordea
  3. Studies on the scalability of web preservation - Rory Blevins, Ismail Patel, Ashley Hunter, Robert Sharpe and Pauline Sinclair
  4. Framework for Verification of Preserved and Redeployed Processes - Tomasz Miksa, Stefan Pröll, Rudolf Mayer, Stephan Strodl, Ricardo Vieira, José Barateiro and Andreas Rauber
  5. Digital Preservation of a Process and its Application to e-Science Experiments - Stephan Strodl, Rudolf Mayer, Gonçalo Antunes, Daniel Draws and Andreas Rauber
  6. A Framework for Automated Verification in Software Escrow - Elisabeth Weigl, Johannes Binder, Stephan Strodl, Barbara Kolany, Daniel Draws and Andreas Rauber
  7. CLEAR: a credible method to evaluate website archivability - Vangelis Banos, Yunhyong Kim, Seamus Ross and Yannis Manolopoulos
  8. Open Preservation Data: Controlled vocabularies and ontologies for preservation ecosystems - Hannes Kulovits, Michael Kraxner, Markus Plangg, Christoph Becker and Sean Bechhofer
  9. On the Assessment of Preservability: Method and Application - Diogo Proença, Gonçalo Antunes and Tomasz Miksa
  10. Analysis of the variability in digitised images compared to the distortion introduced by compression - Sean Martin and Malcolm Macleod
  11. ENSURE: Long term digital preservation of Health Care, Clinical Trial and Financial data - Jochen Rauch, Maite Braud, Orit Edelstein, Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Kenneth Nagin, John Marberg, David Voets, Isaac Sanya, Mohamed Badawy, Essam Shehab, Frode Randers, Aad Droppert and Marcin Klecha
  12. Interoperability of web archives and digital libraries: A Delphi study - Hendrik Kalb, Paraskevi Lazaridou, Ed Pinsent and Matthias Trier
  13. Automatic Preservation Watch using Information Extraction on the Web - Luis Faria, Alan Akbik, Barbara Sierman, Marcel Ras, Miguel Ferreira and José Carlos Ramalho
  14. Database Preservation Evaluation Report - SIARD vs. CHRONOS - Andrew Lindley
  15. Benefits of geographical, organizational and collection factors in digital preservation cooperations: The experience of the Goportis consortium - Michelle Lindlar, Yvonne Friese, Elisabeth Müller, Thomas Bähr and Anja von Trosdorf
  16. Leveraging DP in Commercial Contexts through ERM - Daniel Simon, José Barateiro and Daniel Burda
  17. Creating a Framework for Applying OAIS to Distributed Digital Preservation - Eld Zierau and Matt Schultz
  18. The process of building a national trusted digital repository: a user centric approach for requirements gathering and policy development - Aileen O'Carroll and Sharon Webb
  19. Sustainable Data Preservation using datorium – facilitating the Scientific Ideal of Data Sharing in the Social Sciences - Monika Linne and Monika Linne
  20. File-Based Preservation of the BBC’s Videotape Archive - Thomas Heritage
  21. Modelling Data Value in Digital Preservation - Giuseppa Caruso, Luigi Briguglio, Brian Matthews, Calogera Tona and Mirko Albani
  22. Realizing the Archivematica vision: delivering a comprehensive and free OAIS implementation - Courtney Mumma and Peter Van Garderen
  23. An Analysis of Contemporary JPEG2000 Codecs for Image Format Migration - William Palmer, Peter May and Peter Cliff
  24. Supporting practical preservation work and making it sustainable with SPRUCE - Paul Wheatley and Maureen Pennock
  25. Cloudy Emulation – Efficient and Scaleable Emulation-based Services - Isgandar Valizada, Klaus Rechert, Konrad Meier, Dennis Wehrle, Dirk Von Suchodoletz and Leander Sabel
  26. Preservation Policy Levels in SCAPE - Barbara Sierman, Catherine Jones, Sean Bechhofer and Gry Elstrøm
  27. Towards Concise Preservation by Managed Forgetting: Challenges and Opportunities - Nattiya Kanhabua and Claudia Niederée
  28. Managing and Transforming Digital Forensics Metadata for Digital Collections - Kam Woods, Alexandra Chassanoff and Christopher Lee
  29. Large-Scale Curation and Presentation of CD-ROM Art - Dragan Espenschied, Klaus Rechert, Isgandar Valizada, Dirk Von Suchodoletz and Nick Russler
  30. Destination: Shared Repository: The National Library of France's Journey to Third-Party Archiving - Louise Fauduet and Sébastien Peyrard
  31. Preservation Aspects of a Curation-Oriented Thematic Aggregator - Dimitris Gavrilis, Stavros Angelis, Christos Papatheodorou, Costis Dallas and Panos Constantopoulos
  32. An attempt at modeling differentiated storage for digitized collections: finding the balance between storage, costs and preservation of digitized publications - Trudie Stoutjesdijk
  33. Archives New Zealand Migration from Fedora Commons to the Rosetta Digital Preservation System - Jan Hutar
  34. Permanent digital data storage: A materials approach - Barry Lunt, Robert Davis, Douglas Hansen, John Dredge, Hao Wang and Matthew Linford
  35. Measuring Perceptions of Trustworthiness: A Research Project - Devan Ray Donaldson