MARKA Free e-book Instructions

Dear Sir/Madam,

The proceedings of our Congress are now available for reading on line. This new option does not required the installation of any software ; the proceedings can be to be read ,in any device, via a web browser ( we recommend firefox, safari or chrome )
To access the service please follow this procedures:
  • Point your browser to :
  • Select the tab “Entrar” on the top right hand corner
  • Register either by :
    • Creating an “iLEIO” account on the left of the login page and selecting “criar conta” and filling in the fields ( nome = name ; email do utilizador = your email ; palavra-chave= password ; confimar palavra chave = confirm password ). Click on “Registar = Register” . You are automatically redirected to the log in page. Key in you’re the password and select “Entrar”
    • Using an external account to register ie and follow the steps . Once finished you are taken directly to your private area of
  • Please remember your login details and used them for future login by keyin the info and pressing “Entrar”
  • Once in your private library area select Bibliotecas >> iPress >> Proceedings >> Requisitar >> Requisitar Agora .
  • The proceedings are immediately placed in you private library area (biblioteca pessoal)
  • You can log out / log in at any time an in future once logged in go directly to Biblioteca pessoal >> Emprestados and continue your reading

If you need help please send an email to:

Enjoy your reading

Best regards