Conference Proceedings


From October 1-5, 2012, the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information was pleased to host the ninth annual iPRES Conference.  Previous conferences were held in Beijing (2004, 2007), Göttingen (2005), Ithaca, NY (2006), London (2008), San Francisco (2009), Vienna (2010), and Singapore (2011).  The next conferences were planned for Lisbon (2013), Melbourne (2014), and Chapel Hill (2015).

The Organizing Committee was pleased to note that the event continued to garner significant interest, with well over 100 submissions received from 25 countries around the world.  Most proposals came from the United States and the United Kingdom, but Portugal, Austria, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands were significant sources of proposals as well.  Four workshops and five tutorial sessions were approved, as well as 42 papers and two panel presentations delivered during 16 sessions.

Please feel free to view the full Conference Proceedings.



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