PREMIS Implementation Fair/Preservation Health Check


Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congres

Brian Lavoie, OCLC Research

Sébastien Peyrard, Bibliothèque nationale de France

Titia van der Werf, OCLC Research

Bram van der Werf, Open Planets Foundation


Angela Dappert
Robin Wendler
Priscilla Caplan
Peter van Garderen
Sébastien Peyrard
Lynn Benson
Titia van de Werf
Brian Lavoie
Bram van de Werf
Rebecca Guenther


The PREMIS Implementation Fair Workshop is part of a series that has been held in conjunction with iPres. Implementers of the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata convene to discuss topics of common interest, implementation issues, and learn about latest developments. Topics include: update on PREMIS activities; changes in the PREMIS Data Model; enhancement of preservation rights metadata in version 2.2; and the developing PREMIS OWL ontology. Contributions will be solicited for presentations about specific PREMIS implementations. A session will be devoted to exploring the use of real life preservation metadata for risk assessment in conjunction with a pilot conducted by the Open Planets Foundation and OCLC. This activity will engage the wider digital preservation community, especially maintainers of schemas and risk assessment tools as well as practitioners with experience producing preservation metadata and using those schemas and tools.  An approach for mapping preservation metadata schemas with preservation risk assessment frameworks will be proposed based on real life examples.

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