Towards Practical Emulation Tools and Strategies - State of the Art Research Meets Real-World Requirements


Mark Guttenbrunner, Secure Business Austria

Dirk von Suchodoletz, University of Freiburg

Klaus Rechert, University of Freiburg


The full-day iPRES 2012 workshop features an increasingly relevant topic in DP research - emulation. While emulation is now widely accepted as a necessary access strategy, mature software frameworks and workflows are still missing. The workshop provides the opportunity to present latest research results, status quo of emulation application and use cases.

The workshop is intended to provide an additional forum for experts in emulation alongside the main conference to discuss current trends, today’s strategies and formulate future implementation and research agendas. Content holders will be given a platform to describe their challenges with complex data-objects to align research with practical problems. The workshop will be split into two sessions. The first one will give a broad overview on the field and summarize the state-of-the- art in this field through short presentations from three domains: technical research in emulation, on-going projects, and current challenges. The second session will extend upon this by structuring and prioritizing the future research agenda and implementation of tools.

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