International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects

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Day 1 - 15 September 2005

09:00-09:45 Registration and Refreshments
09:45-10:00 Welcome
Elmar Mittler (Göttingen State and University Library, SUB [])
Keynote I
10:00-10:45 Preserving Our Digital Heritage - Weaving The Web Of Trust
Elisabeth Niggemann (Die Deutsche Bibliothek, DDB [])

10:45-11:00 Discussion
11:00-11:30 Break
Topic I: Preservation Policies - Different Approaches

Moderator: Ute Schwens, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, DDB

11:30-12:00 Developing A National Preservation Network For STM E-Journals
Zhixiong Zhang (Chinese Academy of Science, CAS [])

12:00-12:30 Developing A National Preservation Policy: Experiences In Germany
Stefan Strathmann and Heike Neuroth
(Göttingen State and University Library, SUB [])

12:30-13:00 A National Preservation Policy For The UK(?) - Thoughts And Challenges
Manjula Patel (UKOLN [])

13:00-13:30 Discussion
13:30-15:00 Lunch
Topic II: Technical Workflow

Moderator: Andreas Aschenbrenner, SAT Research Studio Vienna

15:00-15:30 Information Life Cycle Management And Long Term Preservation - Technical Aspects Of Workflow Organization
Reinhard Altenhöner (Die Deutsche Bibliothek, DDB [])

15:30-16:00 Workflow Management In An Operational Archiving Environment
Johan Stapel (e-Depot - National Library of the Netherlands, KB [])

16:00-16:30 Safe Havens In A Choppy Sea: Digital Object Management Workflows At The National Library Of Australia
Gerard Clifton (National Library of Australia, NLA [])

16:30-17:00 Discussion

19:00 Conference Dinner at the Rathskeller []

Day 2 - 16 September 2005

Topic III: Web Archiving

Moderator: Michael Day, UKOLN

09:00-09:30 Future-Proofing The Web: What We Can Do Today
John Kunze (California Digital Library, CDL [])

09:30-10:00 Digital Preservation Activities In The National Library Of China
Chunming Li (National Library of China, NLC [])

10:00-10:30 Web Archiving: A Collaborative Effort In Progress
Julien Masanès (European Digital Archives [])

10:30-11:00 Discussion
11:00-11:30 Break
Keynote II
11:30-12:15 Digital Formats And Preservation
Stephen Abrams (Harvard University Library, HUL [])

12:15-12:30 Discussion
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Recent Developments

Moderators: Heike Neuroth, Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) and Hans Liegmann (nestor)

13:30-13:55 PREMIS []: Implementation & Preservation Metadata
Robin Dale (Research Library Group, RLG [])

13:55-14:05 Discussion
14:05-14:30 DELOS [] - New Developments
Michael Day (Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, UKOLN [http://])

14:30-14:40 Discussion
14:40-14:55 Break
14:55-15:20 Cornell University Library Open Archival Information System
Marcy Rosenkrantz (Cornell University Library, CUL [])

15:20-15:45 METS []: From Presentation To Preservation
Markus Enders (Göttingen State and University Library, SUB [])

15:45-16:00 Discussion
Final Discussion
16:00-16:30 Workshop Recommendations and Outlook
  • John Kunze (California Digital Library, CDL [])
  • Ute Schwens (nestor []- Die Deutsche Bibliothek)
  • Heike Neuroth (Göttingen State and University Library, SUB [])
  • Marcy Rosenkrantz (Cornell University Library, CUL [])
  • Zhixiong Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS [])
  • 16:30-16:45 Closing Remarks
    Elmar Mittler (Göttingen State and University Library, SUB [])

    Social Programme Events (Historical Library Building, Papendiek 14, 37073 Göttingen)
    17:45 Wine-tasting in the Historic Library's Patio and three different guided tours through
  • the Research Library []
  • the Pauliner Church []
  • the Centre of Retrospective Digitization []

  • For more detailed information have a look at our Social Programme Information []

    Day 3 - 17 September 2005

    Social Programme Event
    11:00-12:30 Guided tour through the historic town of Göttingen:
    Meeting point: Old Town Hall, Marktplatz 9, 37073 Göttingen