Case study: Preservation of scientific e-journals at the National Library of The Netherlands

Hilde van Wijngaarden

The digital archiving system of the KB, the e-Depot, stores e-journals of major international publishers automatically and for the long-term. This amounts to a total of over 2 million articles stored today and this is just after the first year that the system has been operational. Two major publishers, Elsevier and Kluwer, deposit their world production of e-journals at the e-Depot. And since they publish mainly in the field of Science, Technology and Medicine, the e-Depot now holds about 20% of everything that is recently published in this field, world-wide. This presentation will explain what lead to this result, how the e-Depot works, what we have agreed with the publishers and what we plan for the future. We call the e-Depot a 'safe place', working towards international co-operation (safe place strategy) and towards certification as a so-called trusted depository.