Different approaches to digital preservation (Migration, Emulation, UVC, etc)

Hilde van Wijngaarden

Digital preservation consists of three subjects: safe storage, preservation metadata and permanent access. First we have to make sure digital objects are stored on secure storage media and are maintained by proper procedures for safety, back-up and refreshment. In order to be able to retrieve the stored objects, we have to register information on the objects in preservation metadata and work on the technical possibilities to render the stored objects, now and in the future. To work on permanent access solutions, a number of questions have to be answered about what it is we want to view and use in the future. Different strategies can be deployed, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In this presentation these strategies will be explained and linked to their intended use and their possibilities, including examples. Apart from existing strategies, new procedures and especially tools will have to be tested and developed to keep our digital archives accessible. Research and development on permanent access requires continuous effort and internation co-operation.