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International Conference on Digital Preservation

Bids to host iPRES 2023, 2024, 2025

Call for Bids to host iPRES

iPRES has evolved into the main international conference on the preservation of digital objects. Having been held annually since 2004 in places all around the world, with iPRES2020 coming up in Beijing, China in Sep. 22-24 2020, iPRES2021 in Illinois, Oct. 19-22 2021, and iPRES 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland, Sep. 12-16 2022, respectively, iPRES is now inviting bids by prospective conference hosts to run iPRES 2023, 2024 and 2025.

Potential hosts are invited to submit a proposal for hosting any of the upcomming 3 editions of iPRES. Yet, with iPRES being committed to cover the digital preservation community as well as possible, we will aim at giving preference to the following regions for the annual editions as follows if all other qualitative aspects of two competing bids are equal:

  • 2023: preferably Asia/Oceania
  • 2024: preferably from the Americas
  • 2025: preferably from Europe and/or Africa

Potential hosts are invited to indicate, whether they see their bid limited to a specific year, or whether they would, in principle, be willing to host iPRES in any or two of the three years that the call is currently open for.

Bids should follow the guidelines outlined in the Guidelines for preparing bids to host iPRES

Bids need to be submitted by December 10 2020, 12:00 pm GMT by email to ipres-info@ipres-conference.org

For questions, please contact ipres-info@ipres-conference.org.

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